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Selflearning is an online tool that helps you increase your value within your organization, team, family, and the labor market. It allows you to follow the most recent trends in personal and professional development and motivates you to achieve better results.

Mahátma Gándhí

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

This famous quotation by Mahatma Gandhi contradicts the general attitudes in our society. How often do we hear people say, “I am too old for that,” or, “I have neither the time nor the ability.” However, do we know why they say that and how to overcome that perception?

In the course of past 160 years, life in Bohemia and Moravia has been influenced mainly by the 50 years of fascist and communist rule, and by the 70 years-long reign of Franz Joseph I. Our ancestors were taught to shed responsibility for their own future, being unable to influence it anyway due to the political situation, and often due to the risk of being persecuted for expressing their own opinion.

The ability to succeed was replaced by the ability to carry through. People have learned to rely on the state, employer or the family rather than themselves.

Our ideas and attitudes are usually influenced by the way we were brought up by our parents and grandparents. Now, however, those habits that helped our ancestors survive are holding us back.

Education Breeds Opportunity

In most countries of the western world people will re-qualify for a different occupation or move for work several times during their lives. Only those capable of life-long education can compete globally and succeed in the world of new technologies.

For employers, this means a necessity to persuade their employees that they are responsible for their personal development. Company Training becomes Selflearning.

New Trends Can Be Followed on the Internet

On the Internet today, in print tomorrow or even the day after. Especially the development in new technologies is so fast that there is no sense in printing books. If printed at all, they quickly become history textbooks.

To find their way around the newest trends and technologies, one also needs a good self-educating tool that helps them choose from among the abundance of available information.

Selflearning is an important source of positive impulses that stimulate employees in their professional and personal development.

Selflearning Helps You Stay in Touch

Selflearning is an Internet-based education portal whose primary function is to monitor hundreds of top Internet resources for personal or professional development.

Every abstract carries a link to the original article, usually in English, that you can follow if interested.

Abstracts are sorted into three categories: managerial and personal development, human resources management, and trade and marketing. In total there are abstracts for over twenty thousand articles from hundreds of sources.

Learning is Fun

For little kids, learning is fun. They learn spontaneously, little by little every day. They do not need crash courses on walking or talking. Selflearning follows the same principle. Just read several interesting articles every week, and you will notice an improvement within a few months.

You are receiving regular tips and ideas, which you can try out any day. You may rely on what you have learned from articles and case studies for instance when preparing presentations, projects or meetings.

The main advantage is that you yourself decide when to delve into the articles, and what their focus should be.


Employers Benefit from Investing in Selflearning

Compared to traditional sit-in courses, Selflearning is much cheaper. The monthly cost does not exceed a few dozen or hundred CZK per employee. Your people do not need to travel and they can learn as they work, or even at home. Also, continuous learning yields better results than one-time courses. This is easily measured through statistics and evaluation forms.

Most Important Advantages as Seen by Employees

  • Regular monitoring of trends within your areas of interest
  • Resource for preparing projects and presentations
  • Increasing one's value within the organization

Most Important Advantages as Seen by Employers

  • Tips and ideas applicable to real life
  • Knowledge available to your employees in the workplace as well as at home.
  • Monthly cost per person amounts to approx. one tenth of the cost for a one-day sit-in course.

Managerial skills

  • Workforce and team management
  • Company management
  • Project Management
  • Economics, finance, law
  • Contemporary technologies and trends
  • Sociální sítě
  • Internal communication

Trade and Marketing

  • Sales techniques
  • Sales support
  • Customer communication
  • Tvorba cen
  • Advertising, media, PR
  • Market research
  • News and trends

Human Resources Management

  • Personnel strategies
  • Personnel marketing
  • Assessment and wages
  • Learning and development
  • Company culture
  • Industrial law
  • Work safety

Create and Distribute Your Own Newsletter

Besides notification messages sent out by the Selflearning service you may also easily compose your own e-mail newsletter.

You can use it to address the whole company, or just a selected group of employees. Just type in an introduction, select articles and information you want to share, and add your own content if you wish.

The Selflearning service guarantees your right to circulate any material available from its Web page across your company in any format.

Your newsletter can be ready within minutes. Select the recipients and send it to them with a single click.

Selflearning Course

Make Selflearning, Internet and new technologies available to your managers and employees.

We offer help – a Course on the “Practical use of Internet,” that helps people find their way around contemporary and emerging Internet trends, and explains how they apply to your organization.

The Course is lead by the founders of the IVITERA Company, who have been working with the Internet since 1993 and who have used it to initiate a number of profitable projects over the years. Pricing and further details will be given in a personal presentation.

How to Start with Selflearning

We will be happy to explain the use of Selflearning personally. A monthly trial is available for anyone wishing to try if Selflearning works for them.

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